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Instant Green Tea Powder

Instant Green Tea Powder
Product Detailed

We can supply many kinds of Instant Tea Extract, such as instant green/black/white/jasmine/oolong/chrysanthemum tea powder.

Instant Green Tea Powder

 1. Tea Polyphenols 35%
2. Quick-dissolving,
3. Good mouthfeel

Instant Green Tea Powder

[Main functions]: Powerful anti-oxidation, anti-aging, anti- radiation, anti-ultraviolet; Reducing blood fat, reducing blood sugar; Anticancer and resisting cardiovascular diseases; Free radical scavenging activities

[Product name]: Instant Green Tea Powder

[Principal ingredient]: Tea polyphenols, Tea flavone, Caffeine, Aminophenol, Free amino acid, Chlorophyll, Aromatic compound, Fibrin, Tea polysaccharide, Water-solubility protein, Vitamin-CAB1B2B3B5B6EKH, Trace element KCaMgFeNaZnSeF.

[Raw Material]: High quality natural tea

[Product Features ]: Good instant property: This product can be dissolved in hot water, warm water, or cold water completely within 30s.
Strong health care The main effective component of tea are retained during being processed.

[Excellent original taste]: The soup shows clear, green and bright, you will taste fresh and brisk, smell strong fragrance.
Convenient drinking: This product can be drunk alone, also can be drunk with other flavoring agents.

[Application Scope]: This product can be extensively used in tea foods like health products, tea beverage, milk tea, ice cream, tea bread and tea cake products to intensify nutrition and health-care efficacies and to endue kinds of food special tea flavor. C6H13NO4


[Our Specification:]

1. Instant Green Tea Powder: Tea Polyphenols 25%, 40%

2. Instant Black Tea Powder: Tea Polyphenols 15%, 25%

3. Instant White Tea Powder: Tea Polyphenols 30%

4. Instant Jasmine Tea Powder: Tea Polyphenols 30%

5. Instant Oolong Tea

6. Instant Chrysanthemum Tea

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