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DHA Softgel Capsule

DHA Softgel Capsule
Product Detailed

DHA softgel capsule,
1.Filling weight: 500mg or 1000mg
2.Effective ingredient: DHA
3.Packing: bulking or bottle

Fish oil softgel capsule

1.weight: 500mg, 1000mg




















Main ingredients of the product:

1) DHA: Doco-sahexaenoic Acid;
2) EPA: Eicosapentaenoic Acid;
3) DPA: Doco- sapentaenoic Acid; linolenic acid;
4) VE and other active components of ocean organic life.
(VE could function to eliminate free radicals inside human body and protect DHA and EPA from oxidation.

Efficacy of the product:

1 Preventing and treating cardio-vascular disorders;
The three hyper-nesses (hyperlipidemia,hyper-triglyceride and hyper-cholesterol) in blood vessels of the human body are the cause for cardio vascular disorders and cause serious damage to cardio-vascular blood vessels like a silent killer. They have the “Four High s, One Many and One Orientation” characteristics, namely high incidence, high reoccurrence rate, high disability rate and high mortality, many complications and young orientation. 
A Shuanghua Fish Oil Soft Capsules (For cardio-health) could effectively reduce blood fat, blood pressure, blood viscosity and content of cholesterol.

DHA and EPA could be integrated with cholesterol to shape cholesterol ester that has low melting point but is prone to emulsification, transmission and metabolism. And the cholesterol ester could be integrated with saturated fatty acid ester to form lipid that is prone to flow and melt at a low point so that the blood circulation could be improved and the low-density lipoprotein level in serum could be reduced. Hence it is safe to say that TIENS Cardio-Health Capsules are effective for reducing blood fat, blood pressure and blood viscosity.

Fish Oil Soft Capsules (For cardio-health)---Cleaner of Blood Vessels
Long-term hyperlipidemia is the basis of arteriosclerosis. After cholesterol is integrated with saturated fatty acid, the cholesterol ester thus shaped is prone to deposit on blood vessel walls, which would become scraggy owing to it and other deposits of calcium and neutral fat. Overabundant cholesterol would make strong crystal on artery walls and make blood vessels fragile, stiff and lack of elasticity, blood vessel cavity slimmer and blood stream thinner. Crystal-like substances on the blood vessel walls would stimulate artery walls, aggravate arteriosclerosis, make blood vessel cavity thinner and hence might trigger increase of blood pressure, blood vessel rupture, cerebral hemorrhage, heart disorders etc. If they go along with smoking, drinking, diabetes etc., the possibility of catching such diseases concerned would jump by folds.
As called Cleaner of Blood Vessels, DHA and EPA could help reduce blood fat, blood viscosity and cholesterol, hence they could obstruct the development of arteriosclerosis and remove fat and cholesterol on vessel walls so that the walls would turn clean, soft and elastic, blood vessel cavity would become wide and smooth and arteries would resume their original status with blood pressure reduced.


Target customers:
Those with hyperlipidemia
Those who often have the food rich in fat or protein
Patients with cardiac muscles with inadequate blood supply or coronary heart disease
Adults in their forties
Those with hypertension prone to headache or dizziness
Those with high blood sugar value

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