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Seaweed fertilizer

Seaweed fertilizer
Product Detailed

Seaweed fertilizer
alginic acid :21g/l min
N+P2O2+K2O :100g/l min

Seaweed fertilizer


Alginic Acid: 8-15%,

organic matter≥50%,

mannitol: 1-6%,







•The ocean active component and micro element could meet the plant growth requirement and adjust plant physiologic function
•Natural seaweed extract could clearly enhance leaf through-aility and transmission ability.So it will be much easier for absorb of nutrition;
•It could be mixed with other fertilizer to get organic fertilizer with high efficiency and enduring: 
•Seaweed fertilizer could be mixed with pesticide(except alkali)to get compoud with high efficiency and enduring: 
•Seaweed fertilizer is easier to use,safety.So it is the best

Product Variety

1,leaf fertilizer
Broad-spectrum seaweed leaf fertilizer
For:Tomato,cucumber,frite plant,cotton,rice,flower,grass,etc

2,water flush fertilizer
for vegetable,fruit plant and some other economic plant
3,root stimulate
Woold promate rooting and improve rooting ratio
4,Reducing pesticide resdues and promote growth leaf fertilizer
has the function of reducing pestside residues and promoting growth


Msin Function

1,Promote plant growth,increase yiield and improve quality:
2, Improve fertilizer and pesiticide utilization and efficiency:
3, Improve soli configruation and agriculture enveiroment:
4, Regulate plant growth,enhancing,ability of drought-resistence,cold-resistence,water-logging resistence,disease-resistence:
5,Comply with green food producing requirement,safe,high efficiency


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